Thursday, 16 July 2009

Welcome to Bedford Square

Hello! As I enter my adult career and launch myself as an author and an independent filmmaker, I will keep this blog tracking my projects. The name Bedford Square comes from the home of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a group of 19th century painters, poets and critics who rejected the mannerism of academic art. Unlike later waves of avant-gardists who struck against the establishment with minimalism, abstraction and chaos, the PRB freed themselves from convention in order to better portray lush detail and lavish storytelling.

Now, introducing the stars of my own Bedford Square. This month, you're going to hear a lot about two projects in particular: the revision of my second novel, Bulfinch (and the knight who was misplaced), and the production of my short film, Chatterton. I'm currently in preproduction on Chatterton, in the midst of casting and location scouting.

Chatterton's narrator, Daniel, is out of work, out of inspiration, and lorn for his best friend's girl.

He's also a member of a photographic forgery ring with his two roommates.

Desperate and frustrated, he proposes their greatest project yet: an "early art photograph by a forgotten master" to be sold to the Baltimore Museum of Art. But as Daniel and his abettors work more feverishly to produce the perfect photograph, Daniel's illusions about his bohemian life erode under his feet...

Chatterton is a 30 - 40 minute short featuring live action, hand-drawn animation, and lost and found footage sequences. Thanks to Polyvinyl Records, the entire film will be scored with music by of Montreal. Shooting should happen in early August, and I hope to have a finished film out by the end of that month. Visit back to stay posted on the progress of this project, as I'll be posting updates about all the moving parts involved in organizing an independent film shoot!

Bulfinch (and the knight who was misplaced) is my second completed novel. It's about a history major who lives with her crazy Uncle Alvin in Baltimore, and the characters that one day march out of her imagination and into reality.

I'm currently revising the second draft of Bulfinch, after which I will continue searching for an agent and/or a publisher for this and my first novel, The Queens of All the Earth, a modernized retelling of E M Forster's A Room with a View. Stay posted for stories about the book biz as I navigate the query and marketing process with the guidance of my mom, Libby Malin Sternberg, herself a published novelist. It's a world just as crazy and fascinating as Hollywood. But sometimes with a better vocabulary.

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