Sunday, 21 February 2010

not dead yet

It's been a while since a post here, mostly because my Life as a Day Job has been pretty hectic, and partially because a lot of my projects are either done or in the boring preparing-to-start or wrapping-up phases. Not boring for me, but boring for anyone who has to sit and listen to it. So what's going on?

+researching festivals for Chatterton
+revising my second novel, Bulfinch, for a potentially interested agent
+waiting for edits to come in on The Queens of All the Earth
+figuring out once and for all the correct way to capitalize The Queens of All the Earth
+collecting my thoughts on my next film projects: writing illegible notes to myself in the middle of the night, daydreaming while the progress bars of innumerable video transcodes inch along on my work computer, enjoying sudden weird visions of a scene while listening to the perfect song, walking into walls with increasing frequency because my head really isn't here

Stay posted. Things will get interesting soon.

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