Monday, 10 August 2009

Little Girl, Big City Pt. 2

This week I moved to Bethesda to start my new job. Read Part 1 here. The story continues below.


Nessa returned to Baltimore from her Washington lab. After another exhausting day spent searching for signs of life in five grains of radioactive Martian sand, her shoulders drooped and her feet screamed. Dropping her lab coat by the door, she threw herself onto her boyfriend's divan, wondering if she would find the energy today to cross to the kitchen and heat a TV dinner, or if she would just lose herself to sleep right there in the living room.

"What's wrong, sweet lips?" Nessa's beau asked as he emerged from his bedroom, loosening his tie.

"My commute," she groaned in reply. "It's killing me. With a journey like this at the start and end of every day, it's a wonder I have any energy left to contribute to the lab's groundbreaking research. Today, for example, I spent twenty minutes peering through the microscope at what I thought was a singular example of Martian exfolioform ecphrasis, but it turned out it was just a crumb of the sandwich I'd brought in for lunch."

Nessa's beau sat thoughtfully on the arm of the divan by his girl, stroking his chin while he thought.

"Remember our classmate Hannah?" he said, a new light in his eyes. Nessa did remember - they had been a part of the same band of scholars since their freshman year at Prestigious Baltimore University, and had even lived together for one of those years. "I heard she's looking for a roommate in Capital City," Nessa's man continued. "If you roomed with her, you could move closer to your work, and you can look after each other."

Nessa sat up, the idea infusing her with a burst of energy.

"Yes, that would be more optimal than a rishst-heimer configuration laser!" she cried. "I'll ring her immediately."


Hannah lounged on the patio at her parents' home. She had put off the start of her job until she could find suitable living arrangements in the Smithsonian City, but she was beginning to despair of ever getting her start in life.

Then her mother poked her head out the back door.

"Dear, there's a telephoner for you," she called. "A nice young lady says she'd like to room with you!"

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