Sunday, 18 October 2009

Editing Update

This weekend I started the Chatterton fine cut! This means I finished editing together the remaining scenes in the rough cut, and then assembled all of the scenes together, with music and image transitions between them. After three weekends of shooting and two weekends of editing, almost three hours of footage and about 100 distinct angles, Chatterton is beginning to take its final shape as a 15-minute film.

The bad news is that while I managed to cut together a trailer and some other goodies for the blog, I didn't have time to export and upload them before my train tonight. They will be appearing next weekend. And I'll post a few more pictures from the shoot, as well as some films by other Bedford Square collaborators, this week.

So, what's left: edit foley (sound effects), reshoot one shot, write and record a voice-over for a scene I'd like to alter, create two graphics, then color correction and fine touches. Jay will be working on the animation sequence in the meantime, and then he'll do a final sound mix. I'm also looking for someone to help me create the titles.

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