Monday, 14 September 2009

Chatterton 9/12: Welcome to the Set

On Friday night, Josh, Charles, Erin and Steph helped me completely redecorate two rooms of Josh & Charles's apartment. In a few hours, it had become the home of Thomas Chatterton and Daniel Chaffee, and a HELL OF A LOT of film and video equipment.

Ready to shoot on Saturday.

A forest of C-stands.

Curtain to the boys' room.

The flowers Steph was commissioned to wither. They appear in a jar on a windowsill and then on the kitchen table during a dialogue scene. She put them in the oven to make fresh new carnations look miserable and neglected.

The lillies are for contrast in a brief insert shot of Daniel's fantasy.

Every portion of the set contains a still life of objects and art that surround and pin down the characters. Like a vanitas painting, every item has a meaning. Here, Daniel's art materials are spread on the coffee table with postcards of antique art.

This is all working film equipment, but on our set we actually used it for props, in Thomas Chatterton's bedroom.

See that photo on the wall behind Carlos? ...

...Al took it last weekend, so we could decorate the set with pictures of Donna (played by Cindy).

All Photos: Charles Zhang

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