Monday, 14 September 2009

Chatterton 9/12

Setting up the first shot. Left to right: Aljosa watches while Carlos and I look at the shot; George, playing Brian, waits in position, Josh (whose apartment we were using) stops in to check out the sound rig that Jay (behind him) has set up.

Jay goes boom. George is well-lit.

Carlos and I watch the screen on a high angle shot (second shot of the day). Jay listens to the audio levels.

The first shot we rolled on Saturday.

Steph, my indefatigable runner, figures out how to wither flowers that she just bought that morning.

Carlos (center) directs Jay and Aljosa to light the living room.

Al tests for light leaks from the back of the Lowell.

Carlos + whimsy.

George and Cindy wait for one of the last shots of the evening.

All Photos: Charles Zhang

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  1. Amazing!! Everything looks like it went so well :o) I wish I could have been there, but again so glad it ran like the well oiled machine that is the JHU film crew. LOVE YOU!!!