Monday, 7 September 2009

Chatterton: First Weekend

We rolled video on the first shot of Chatterton this Monday. The shoot was extremely successful; we did the exterior scene and a photoshoot with the actress playing Donna. Meanwhile, Charles floated around us, taking stills of the production. Here are a few; I'll post more this week.

Click on pictures for enlargements.

All photos: Charles Zhang

The cast waits for us to start shooting: Donna (Cindy Chen), Tom Chatterton (Mike Tanenbaum) and Daniel (Thomas Murphy).

Aljosa Zovko takes a picture of Cindy for the photoshoot.

Cindy poses for the forgery.

Tom and Mike pretend to take a photo...

...while Aljosa takes the real ones.

Sometimes you need to stretch out to get a shot... this.

Cindy poses against the tree for a cute shot.

Cast & crew

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