Saturday, 5 September 2009

Meet the cinematographers, Part 2

Today production on Chatterton started with Daniel's voice-overs. It was a very successful session and it definitely filled me with confidence for the shoots to come. I also picked up the vintage camera from Audio-Visual Services of Hampden, saw some test footage from Aljosa and Carlos, and discussed sound and animation with Jay. In other good news, Aljosa just posted two of his short films on Vimeo!

Aljosa Zovko is one of my cinematographers on Chatterton. Below is his final project from last semester, shot on 16mm film, and featuring our film professor as the main actor. Aljosa's diopter close-ups give objects dignity and faces painful intimacy. With smooth, naturalistic lighting he invites the viewer into a series of quiet, contemplative moments. He also created some of the music for the film below. I'm very lucky to have his talent on my set, and he and Carlos are already working together to blend their skills to make my shooting script a reality. I hope you enjoy his film!

Short Film - Measures of Meaning from Aljosa Zovko on Vimeo.

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